Liars – Initial Albums

liars ticketsThis line-up (Andrew/Hemphill/Noecker/Albertson) released the first Liars full-length, They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top, in October 2001. The album was recorded in a mere two days. Despite lackluster promotion by their record label, Gern Blandsten, the energy of the album eventually bought Liars their fair share of hype amidst the much-publicized Post-punk revival scene of New York. Liars was not averse to this attention, but the problem of being pigeonholed an even more pressing challenge for them to overcome.

liars ticketsAs a four-piece, Liars were only to release two more short EPs. The first was entitled We No Longer Knew Who We Were; it was an official release of the Liars‘ early demos recorded in 2000. The second, however, showcased new material. Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like (November 2002) showed progression from their signature sound, but without any material that would seem significantly out of place on their debut. Most noteworthy, perhaps, is “Every day is a child with teeth,” which concentrates more on sound texture and tense, stuttering percussion than the more danceable rhythms for which Liars had come to be known.

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